Michael Jacksons Fans United For His Legacy

Suggested Tweets for #MJFansAgainstMann 

Mann - you have no rights or invitation to Michael's legacy
Stop exploiting Michael's children
Stop Manipulating Katherine Jackson
Coward Mann, Hands off Michael Jackson's legacy
We see through your lies & your greed
Mann - You have NO rights to Michael's Estate
Melissa Johnson Misused the Trust of Michael Fans and you helped her
Michael Jackson Fans are united Against Howard Mann
As MJ's army of love, we don't want you among us
Michael SUED Vaccarro - Today his fans are Joining the fight

You have NO fans - we are Fans of Michael Jackson - dont get it twistedFrom pornographer to Robin Hood? We are not falling for it
MJ started this movement in 2004, we are finishing it
Your press release referred to MJ as Jacko - WE ARE DONE WITH your DISRESPECTAnything for money
Anything for money
Michael Jackson created the estate for his kids, mom & charities
Michael's Trademark DOES NOT BELONG ON A THONG! Stop Disrespecting the King of POPBACK OFF - Howard Mann - Michael's FANS are on to YOU!Stop SENDING your Moles into the MJ FAN COMMUNITYGo back to pornography!
From Pornography to trademarks fraud
We are here for Michael Jackson - and NOT FOR YOU!

Opis NONE - showed you have NO respect for Michael
Our Problem is with YOU and NOT with Katherine
GET back- you have NO invitation to Michael's legacy