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United4MJLegacy (United For Michael Jackson’s Legacy) stands with our friends at Michael J. Jackson Community (MJJC),MJ4JUSTICE, Michael Jackson Fan Club (MJFC) and Michael Jackson Accountability Network (MJAN), in support of a FULL and IMMEDIATE boycott of the Michael Forever Tribute.We advise ALL fans and members of the general public who have registered for tickets these past few days to cancel their registration.We also respectfully ask singers Cee-L0, Alexandra Burke and Smokey Robinson, who have shown genuine love and respect for Michael in the past to rescind. 

Since the announcement of the Michael Forever Tribute, on July 25th, 2011, we have tried hard not to take position on the promised “thriller of a tribute”.  Though our core members have been vocal and demonstrated very strong feelings against the tribute and belief it will distract from the ongoing trial, we thought, out of respect for Michael Jackson’s mother and her involvement in the planning of the tribute, we would not take a public stance until it became absolutely necessary.

Two recent developments led us to rethink our neutral position:First, the obvious exploitation of Michael Jackson’s children to jumpstart tickets sale and second, the announcement today, that Kiss band member, Gene Simmons will take part in the tribute.Global Live Events (GLE), the tribute organizer popped up out of nowhere on March 29th 2011, and has shown little respect for Michael Jackson’s legacy, his fan base, his children & the charities he supported.Under terms and conditions “Concert Line up and Refund Rights” on the tribute website, GLE informs potential ticket buyers that Katherine Jackson has agreed to bring “as many of Michael’s children as are available”. Making underaged grieving children part of their contract, shows GLE is trading on fans’ love & respect for Michael Jackson and using his beloved children as nothing more than commodities. Anyone who knew Michael, knows his children were never part of any package deal
.Source: http://home.michaelforevertribute.com/tandc.html ;

Again today, GLE had hit a new low and stomped again on Michael Jackson’s legacy, by announcing the addition of Gene Simmons to the tribute line up.   This announcement was the latest insult to Michael Jackson’s memory, his children and his fans.In the days following Michael Jackson’s death, Gene Simmons has made slanderous, derogatory comments about Michael and his children.  

He had also questioned the numerous homage paid to the singer, so it is quite ironic, that Simmons has now agreed to himself pay tribute to the man he called a child predator.These unforgiveable mistakes by the organizers & their supporters could be blamed on lack of experience, but more and more, it seems this could as well be explained by a lack of care and total disregard of a man’s legacy.  And again, today’s announcement reminds us, how little they know of the man they claim to be paying tribute to on October 8th.GLE has demonstrated they are out of touch and unfit to organize a tribute to the King of Pop. 

Time and again, the organizers have been deceptive, arrogant and disrespectful, when fans raise questions about the ticketing system, the percentage of the ticket price that will be donated to charities etc. They had promised a “galaxy of stars”, which as of today has failed to materialize, and continue in their duplicity.We are first and foremost, Michael Jackson fans; we will never stand for anyone or organization disrespecting his 40-year legacy, be it a family member or member of the media. 

We welcome an official tribute at an appropriate time, under the leadership & supervision of the Michael Jackson’s Estate, as the definite authority & guardian of his brand and his legacy. For now, fans who wish to pay tribute to Michael Jackson the humanitarian, can do so by donating to the Unicef-Michael Jackson’s Fans United For Famine Relief, to help raise funds for famine relief in the Horn of Africa.  

The same giving spirit that inspired Michael and a group of his peers to record We Are The World 26 years ago…is the same that inspires us today to help Africa overcome this latest crisis.

Please make a tribute donation:

United For Michael Jackson’s Legacy is a group of Michael Jackson fans from all corners of the world, to promote and help protect his Legacy

Michael Jackson Estate files lawsuit against Howard Mann
(LA Times report)


Michael Jackson estate sues business partner of late singer's motherLawsuit alleges that memorabilia created with Katherine Jackson's permission and other commercial ventures constitute 'wholesale misappropriation' of intellectual property. Howard Mann maintains that the estate can't sue him.
By Harriet Ryan, Los Angeles Times

Michael Jackson's estate filed suit against a business partner of the late singer's mother Thursday, alleging that memorabilia created with her permission and other commercial ventures constituted "wholesale misappropriation" of the pop icon's intellectual property.

The suit, filed in federal court in Los Angeles, accuses Canadian entrepreneur Howard Mann of "arrogant disregard" for the estate's rights and asks a judge to stop his company, Vintage Pop Media, from further use of Jackson's name, image and music.

"Protecting and preserving Michael's assets are a core responsibility of the estate and we will do everything the law permits to enforce those rights," estate lawyer Howard Weitzman said in a statement.

The filing of the suit moves a dispute that has long simmered in the press into the courthouse. The estate had cracked down on other unlicensed vendors, but not Mann, seemingly because of his close relationship with Katherine Jackson.

The matriarch, 80, is not mentioned in the suit. She told The Times last month that she was working with Mann because she needed more money than was provided by a monthly estate allowance of about $7,000. Mann said then that he had paid her hundreds of thousands of dollars.

He contends that a legal loophole stemming from 2004 litigation brought by Jackson prohibits the estate from suing him and said in a statement that he welcomed the court battle.

The estate also seeks attorneys' fees and damages as well as the profits from the memorabilia, including a book of family photos Katherine Jackson promoted in an interview with Oprah Winfrey.



Diane Dimond is working hard for her money...all on the back of Michael Jackson. 
 Since we have launched the boycott of Entertainment Tonight on January 4th 2011, Ms Dimond has not appeared on the entertainment news program.  
But she has snickered her way into other shows.  

On January 10th, 2011 Ms Dimond has appeared on TruTV's In session show & HLN 's The Joy Behar show spewing the same lies.  
On the Joy Behar show, she called Michael Jackson a drug addict, an anorexic and an alcoholic.  She did not provide any sources, nor did she refer to the autopsy, report freely available to all, showing that Michael Jackson was a healthy man with healthy organs at the time of death.
 Citing Dr. Christopher Roger, a forensic pathologist,  from the preliminary hearing: 'The autopsy did show some incidental findings. However, his general health was excellent.'

We are now adding these two shows to our list, so fans are aware and take the necessary steps to educate these programs.  

They have to be made aware that Ms. Dimond is not a Michael Jackson expert nor is she a truthful, neutral & impartial source.

TruTV  "in Session" Show

Twitter: @insession

Write a comment: 

Snail Mail:
Steve Koonin President, Turner Entertainment Networks
Marc Juris Executive Vice President & General Manager
Darren Campo Senior Vice President of Programming, Production & Development
600 Third Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10016

HLN   The Joy Behar Show

Twitter: @JoyVBehar

Write: http://www.cnn.com/feedback/forms/form2b.html?3 You can also use CNN's Ireport feature: http://ireport.cnn.com/about.jspa

FANS UNITE " to  Remove Diane Dimond from all Entertainment Tonight
 Michael Jackson coverage

18 months after Michael Jackson's death, millions of his fans  are appalled that  tabloid journalist, Diane Dimond, who along with the Santa Barbara's district attorney, lead the witch hunt against the beloved performer in 2005, is still riding on Jackson's name to earn a living.
We are saddened that Entertainment Tonight has given such a divisive
 individual a platform to air her lies during the Michael Jackson's manslaughter trial.
Her bias and conflict of interests in any regard to Michael Jackson are apparent to everyone.
Diane Dimond has no business covering someone she worked all these years to destroy, going as far as fabricating evidence, using her press credentials to report lies for her friends in the Santa Barbara's DA's office.

In fact, Mr.Jackson sued Ms.Dimond when she was involved in  a fabricated  story involving him.
 In 1995, when Dimond was working for "Hard Copy," she reported that Sneddon was searching for an explicit 27-minute videotape showing Jackson molesting a boy.
Sneddon soon concluded that no such video existed, but not before Dimond appeared on L.A.'s KABC radio and her Paramount-produced tabloid show to trumpet the imagined X-rated details.

In her quest for Michael Jackson's blood, she has become a journalistic caricature, without  professional ethics .

We, Michael Jackson fans, are appalled that even after his death, he cannot escape his enemies.

 We are now coming together to request that Entertainment Tonight remove Diane Dimond FROM ALL Michael Jackson related coverage, specifically the preliminary hearing and the upcoming manslaughter trial.
Her well documented bias against Jackson and your callous decision to hire her AFTER his death is a slap in the face of your viewers and an insult to the memory of the performer.

This campaign's objective is to convince ET to remove Diane Dimond from all their MJ coverage IMMEDIATELY.

We will start by tweeting the producers and on-air personalities, and emailing them at 
et.newsdesk@cbsparamount.com, asking that Diane Dimond be removed from all MJ coverage duties.
At the same time, we will encourage fans to switch to Access Hollywood, ET's main competitor.  
Fans may remember that Michael Jackson gave his last TV interview  to Billy Bush of Access Hollywood from Ireland. 

We are hoping we'll get an immediate response from the show, therefore will not need to escalate the matter by contacting their advertisers.

Michael Jackson's millions of fans are steadfast and determined to protect and defend his legacy. As evident, in the fan's sucessful campaign to prevent the Discovery Channel special on Michael Jackson's autopsy.

 Please continue to help us support Michael Jackson's legacy.

If the Fans do not unite to protect  Michael's legacy - who will?

Diane Dimond's witch hunt against Michael Jackson:




Twitter contact: Main one: @ETonlineAlert

Mark Steines, ET Co-anchor

ET Executive Producer

ET Senior Producer

ET Senior Producer Email: 

Our statement regarding Howard Mann's contract with Katherine Jackson

The members of The Michael Jackson Fans United for his Legacy (MJFUL) continue to push for a worldwide boycott of all products and activities connected to the Jackson Secret Vault and its owner Howard Mann, as announced last November 7th 2010 


We take particular exception to recent news of a contract between Katherine Jackson and Howard Mann’s Vintage Pop Music Media LLC,. Based on the terms of the published contract, Michael Jackson’s 3 minor children are listed as a party to the terms of Mrs. Jackson’s contract.

Read terms of the contract here:

We maintain that Michael Jackson’s children are neither chattel nor property, and should not be treated as such. 

We repeat our concerns that Mr. Mann has continued to exploit Mrs. Jackson and the children, as pawns in his marketing schemes. 
Therefore, we will continue to object and speak out about his tawdry practices.

We, thank you for standing up for Michael Jackson, and please invite your friends to do the same by adding their names to the petition:


Michael Jackson's fans United for his legacy

If you would like additional information about the Michael Jackson Fans United for his Legacy, visit our Facebook page:



Twitter: MJFANSUnited4Legacy

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