Michael Jacksons Fans United For His Legacy

#mjsinvincible campaign

Right now the fans are launching yet another campaign to show support to MJ. Several other fan campaigns have been successful before, and this is a way the fans are showing that we stand together in honoring Michael’s legacy.

The aim is to bring the album “Invincible” to number 1 on the charts, to show that MJ IS invincible and – of course – to show that we, the fans, still care.

Show your support at the end of your tweet messages adding #mjsinvincible. If you can afford to do so, please purchase Invincible on iTunes or Amazon or at a local music store. Help spread the word about this campaign, so as many as possible will join.

Make sure to join this campaign because we at this difficult time think  it is important to send out support for Michael, and let everyone know he is Unbreakable.

We have done it before. United fans can accomplish a lot, like the campaign to re-insert Michael’s name at the auditorium at Gardner’s School.

With only 2 days left to the 2 years anniversary of Michael’s passing, join the campaigns and the continued fight for Justice and for Michael’s legacy.

Show you still care.

Link to invincible on Itunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/invincible/id215738269

This campaign is initiated by clearmjsname1 and 4thelegacy2 on Twitter. 

They have written this blog post: http://clearmjsname.wordpress.com/mjsinvincible/

You can also only buy the song “Unbreakable” if you can’t afford the whole album.

And.. remember the #mjsinvincible in every tweet!

Please give this blog post a tweet now that you are here, the “#mjsinvincible” is included in the headline, so hitting the tweet button below starts your support right away ..