Michael Jacksons Fans United For His Legacy

Michael Jackson Fans: United Against Howard Mann

DISCLAIMER:  We are all Michael Jackson fans taking OUR OWN initiatives to stand up to greed, specifically, Henry Vaccaro, Howard Mann & Melissa Johnson.  This is all about MANN, VACCARO, MEDIA POP & MELISSA JOHNSON. No one else, but these three.

We are in NO WAY affiliated to the Michael Jackson estate.  We are fans, very opinionated & active in the fan community, helping OTHERS vent their frustration and giving them a voice against these 3 MJ-legacy hijackers.

We are not as powerless as we think…
WE hold the money ….and we will send a clear message to Howard Mann: we will not spend our hard-earned cash on your ventures. All this fighting is futile.

We keep standing up for Michael J. Jackson, but in 8 hours…..We will also stand up AGAINST HOWARD MANN.


Michael Jackson… Do you know where your children are?

No matter how often we repeat it, it will never get easier. Michael Jackson is gone.

The only parent Michael Jr , Paris & Prince have ever known taken away in a blink of an eye. Less than 2 years, since that horrible summer day….at times  it seems a distant memory…yet fresh enough that we can  relive the despair, the tears, the anguish of that faithful day. 

Michael is indeed gone.  If we needed a reminder of who we lost on June 25th 2009, just turn on your TV to Good Morning America tomorrow morning …and witness three young grieving children thrown into the unknown...facing their father’s enemy: the media

The same media that taunted, ridiculed him for years. It is well known Michael Jackson despised the tabloid media, he has said time and again, if he had his way, he would make a bonfire out of the tabloids. 

An interview orchestrated by Howard Mann, a well-known owner of pornography sites, who has entered into a business partnership with Katherine Jackson in exchange for supplemental funds.  Re: Contract between Katherine Jackson & Howard Mann  can be accessed here: 

What does Mann have to do with the kids appearing on Good Morning America? 

To put it simply: Howard Mann & Katherine Jackson have entered into a partnership to market Michael Jackson’s image. Since, Michael Jackson created an estate upon his death, his estate is the sole owner of his music, arts and image.   Howard Mann, is bypassing the estate by using Michael Jackson’s elderly mother.  The thinking being, the fans know Jackson thought the world of his mother; they will support our fraudulent and illegal activities if we get Mrs. Jackson’s blessings and get his minor children on-board. 

Howard Mann is now facing a copyright infringement lawsuit filed by the Michael Jackson estate for illegally producing memorabilia such as book, calendars, t-shirts using Michael Jackson’s image without permission.  Basically, the Michael Jackson’s estate is accusing Howard Mann of stealing money from Michael Jr. ,Paris & Prince Jackson, Mrs, Jackson & Children Charities.

A contract between Katherine Jackson & Howard Mann was made public late last year.  Among other things, the contract reveal that Katherine Jackson is to received $5,000 for her media appearance in support of Howard Mann’s venture.  Therefore, one presumes, she received $5,000 from Howard Mann for the Oprah interview, and will receive (or has already received) another $5,000 for Good Morning America’s tomorrow sit down.

Howard Mann has declared he cared more about Michael Jackson’s children, which led me to ask how? And most importantly why?   Is it because he is booking them left and right for interviews?  Is it because he is paying their grandmother $5,000 to parade them in front of Oprah and Robin Roberts?  Is it because he is selling T-shirts with their father’s image and keeping all the money to himself?  Nowhere in the contract does it reference to the kids receiving any type of compensations for their appearances.  True, these are millionaire children…but has someone looked into the child labor law in California? Working without compensation, is that even legal?

But he claims to care about Michael Jackson’s children.  A man who admitted to not have wasted a thought on Mr. Jackson prior to June 25th 2009…yet he has hijacked Michael Jackson’s image for his personal gain.  He has instructed minor children to sign counterfeited belts.  He has joined forces with another fraudulent organization, “Heal The World Foundation*”, to defraud the estate, Michael Jackson’s legacy to his beautiful children.  But he cares. He wants to convince Michael Jackson’s fans he deserves our money...because HE cares.

So by going against EVERY WISHES Michael Jackson has ever expressed for his beloved children, Howard Mann has shown he CARES.

So tomorrow (Friday, February 25th), if you do decide to watch the Jacksons’ interview...look for the children’ faces…Pay close attention to their expression. Notice Michael Jr ‘s dismissive eye rolls.  Take note of Paris’ nonchalance.  And Prince…The shyest & quietest one.

Just from the preview shown on GMA earlier today, the youngest one’s frightened demeanor, sitting on a sofa exchanging questioning looks with his older sister, probably wondering why Robin Roberts expected them to be “abnormal”.   Indeed, being referred to as “normal”…often makes us wonder if our perception of  “our” normal is same as the other’s normal.

Did Robin Roberts expect the kids to have horns? Tails? Three tongues? 

It is insulting and plain rudeness to skeptically question minor children’s normalcy …while they are inches away in a corner like caged animals, being paraded in front of Robin Roberts and her cameras for signs of “anomalies”.

Pay attention to the kids’ uniform.  All three.  Wearing T-shirts with a new Heal The World Foundation logo. No, not the one their father created in the ‘90s.  That one has long been closed.  The new logo of the charity accused of copyright infringement against their father’s estate.  Their Estate.  Their legacy. Their inheritance.

Michael Jackson has spent 12 years keeping his kids away from the press.  Before June 25th 2009, most of the media and certainly Robin Roberts and definitely Howard Mann knew very little about these kids.  Michael Jackson stated many times; he did not raise his kids as child stars.  He chose to cover their faces with veils to protect their anonymity.

Like the kids explain to Oprah less than 4 months ago, Michael’s wish was for them to be able to roam free, incognito without being recognized by the press or the general public.

And he succeeded.

Nineteen months since he passed, they have now given interviews to Oprah Winfrey, and tomorrow, to Robin Roberts, Good Morning America.  One can’t help but wonder: Who is making sure Michael Jackson’s wishes for his children are respected?  And who will stand up to Howard Mann?

* Note: The current Heal the World Foundation is NOT AFFILIATED with Michael Jackson nor his estate.  Michael Jackson has shut down his own Heal The World Charity in 2002.  The current Heal The World owner has hijacked the name from under Michael Jackson’s nose, without his authorization.  The estate has won a lawsuit FORBIDDING Melissa Johnson, current HTW owner from exploiting Michael Jackson’s name and image to raise money.

United For Michael Jackson’s Legacy (MJ4L)

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 Michael Jackson Fans United for his Legacy (MJFUL)

To the Management of the Jackson Vault

And The Jackson Family, 

We are a group of very concerned Michael Jackson fans from all over the world, brought together because of our love for Michael. Today, we have decided to reach out to you, in a plea for the respect and honor of Michael’s legacy. 

We are writing this letter to request an end to any and all exploitation of Michael Jackson, his grieving mother, his beloved children and his legacy. 

Since the tragic death of Michael, a number of questionable and damaging events have taken place, all of which are tarnishing his image, diminishing his brand and jeopardizing his legacy. 
We, the fans of Michael Jackson, can no longer stay silent while such a beloved artist’s legacy is under attack. 
We demand an immediate end to the exploitation of Michael’s children to promote Jackson Vault projects. 

We object to: 

• The use of photographs, videos and likeness of Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson for promotions; 

• Certain Jackson Family members openly discussing the daily lives of Prince, Paris and Blanket on all social media sites including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and FormSpring; 

• The selling of Michael’s children’s photographs to media outlets and tabloids. 

Furthermore, we object to: 

• The inclusion of Michael Jackson’s children in the Oprah Winfrey interview; 

• The use of Michael Jackson’s children and their signatures to promote the so-called “Michael Jackson Commemorative Tribute Belts”; 

• The public release of information regarding Michael’s children’s whereabouts to promote concerts and tribute events; 

• The unauthorized release of the children’s personal home videos and Ichat sessions on YouTube, Ustream and any social media sites. 

We object to: 

• The Jackson family’s business association with Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel, two men with backgrounds in the adult entertainment industry. Such associations could be detrimental to the welfare of Michael's children; 

• The use of the demeaning term, “Jacko” in the Jackson Vault website and press release. A degrading term that Michael himself, spoke openly against and thought was insulting; 

• The exploitation of Michael’s elderly mother in the marketing, selling and merchandising from the Jackson Vault; 

• The use and brokering of Michael Jackson’s children to promote events, merchandise and interviews. 
We will no longer tolerate further undermining of the Michael Jackson Estate. This malicious practice against the estate jeopardizes the financial future of Michael Jackson’s children, his mother, his charities and his musical legacy. 

As demonstrated by the vindictive release of “Opis None” – a 1978 Destiny recording presented as a new unreleased track; a deliberate attempt to sabotage the estate’s release of the song “Breaking News” from Michael Jackson’s first posthumous CD and mislead his fans. 

We DEMAND a full halt to the above practices by certain Jackson Family members and their associates. 
We are calling for an immediate BOYCOTT of ALL Jackson Vault merchandise including books, music, belts, calendars, clothing and any so-called “free” incentive offerings. 

If the exploitation continues, the fans will then broaden the boycott to include projects from all the Jacksons. 

It is important to note that this boycott does not include products sanctioned by the Michael Jackson estate for the benefit of his children, his mother and his charities. 

Michael Jackson made his intentions very clear on how his children should be raised. He wanted them away from the media and public pressure. 

Michael was also adamant that his children should be loved, respected and protected. He wanted privacy for his children and he would never have allowed this situation to take place. 

It is time for everyone to get back to what Michael wanted. 

The fans have the power to uphold his legacy and to hold the estate and his family accountable in a bid to guarantee the safety of the financial future of Michael Jackson’s children. 

The Jacksons can no longer exploit the goodwill and the relationship Michael Jackson had with his fans. Our commitment is first and foremost, to Michael, his children and his legacy. 

It is a sad day, when Michael Jackson’s fans have to speak out against certain Jackson Family members, Jackson Vault owner Howard Mann, Marc Schaffel and their associates, but we love Michael too much to remain silent. 

We encourage fans all over the world to take a symbolic pledge, by adding their name  to 
 the petition , posted below, 

to uphold his wishes and end the degradation of Michael ‘s legacy. 

Sign this letter: Click HERE 

“There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voice as one” – Michael J. Jackson