Michael Jacksons Fans United For His Legacy

Healing the world…one trademark at a time


Today, April 19th 2o11, begins the trial pitting the Michael Jackson’s estate against the non-Michael Jackson related Heal the World foundation (referred to as Non-MJ HTW).

By now, most fans have heard bits and pieces of the battle that has been going on for close to 2 years…but very few have had the chance to read the legal documents and testimonies painting a picture of a disturbed and delusional woman, who was told by an angel after a near-death experience, that she will partner with Michael Jackson to heal the world.  Although, there is no signed document from Michael Jackson authorizing her takeover of his 1991 foundation, she is  steadfast as she presses forward, in accordance with what she believes to be MJ’s wishes.

In all the information that came out since the estate has taken legal action against Non-MJ HTW, probably the most disturbing to me, is the fact that most donations went to buy trademarks and advertisement, and very little to help sick children.

For example, Non-MJ HTW ‘s 2009 tax documents show, over $76 000 was spent on trademark fees and ads, while only $5 520 was donated to help the needy.

Source: Non-MJ Heal The World 2009 Tax filing

Non-MJ HTW donations in 2009 totaling a measly $5 520

Source: Non-MJ Heal The World 2009 Tax filing

Melissa Johnson claims, she took the initiative and of her OWN accord, to buy all these trademarks to prevent “others” from acquiring and misusing these Michael Jackson related trademarks. 

Hard to believe Michael Jackson would hand over his charity & trademarks to a woman, whom he had never met, to funnel public donations towards hundreds of domain names & trademarks ‘ registration.

Source: Melissa Johnson’s Declaration filed on April 12th 2011

Source: Melissa Johnson’s Declaration filed on April 12th 2011

Which raises the question, how was she able to acquire all these MJ trademarks, in the first place?  From a legal standpoint, only Michael Jackson, and now his estate, owns the right to use his name, likeness and his right of publicity.  Melissa Johnson provided a jaw-dropping justification to explain why she, just like MJ & his estate, can use Michael Jackson’s trademarks without consequences.

Source: Melissa Johnson’s Declaration filed on April 12th 2011

So even though, they had NEVER spoken or met, Melissa Johnson and Michael Jackson, are one entity.

So today, a trial that is expected to last about a week begins, and fans will closely watch the outcome.  A win for the defense won’t be just a win for Melissa Johnson and her charity.  Hiding behind the curtains, footing the bills for Non-MJ HTW’s defense is none other than Howard Mann, who has, once again, put himself in the middle of this litigation.  He has many reasons for cheering Melissa Johnson on.

In his testimony in support of Non-MJ HTW, Mann stated very clearly his raison d’être:

Source: Howard Mann’s declaration filed on April 12th 2011

Mann has invested thousands of dollars in Non-MJ HTW by paying their debt and legal fees, with the hope that a positive outcome for the defense will bring him a windfall.  

Source: Howard Mann’s declaration filed on April 12th 2011

As Mann stated in the quote above, in return for paying Melissa Johnson’s legal bills, and following a win for the defense, she has already agreed to let Mann use her trademarks to market the property he bought from Henry Vaccaro.  

A victory for Non-MJ HTW would mean the degradation of Michael Jackson’s legacy and the dilution of his trademarks by an unscrupulous man. This could also bring a lot of confusion; with fans trying to distinguish and support estate sanctioned products from Mann’s & Johnsons’ money grab ventures. Therefore, such an outcome would be devastating to Michael Jackson’s legacy, his estate, beneficiaries and his fans.

If the Opis None debacle has taught us anything, it is not to underestimate how low Mann will go to satisfy his greed.  He has shown us time and again, from the Opis None controversy to the “Jacko” reference in his press release to his recent claim that Michael Jackson did not invent the “lean’; that he doesn’t respect Michael Jackson as an artist, nor care for his legacy; and at his mercy, MJ’s legacy will deplete very rapidly.

His callous disregard for Michael Jackson’s legacy is a thread to his children’ long-term financial well-being.

As we, fans hope for a positive outcome for the Michael Jackson Estate, know that it is only ONE battle…with many more to come.  But one battle, one victory at a time, we stay hopeful that the Michael Jackson estate will continue to grow and preserve his legacy from individuals like Howard Mann, Melissa Johnson and Henry Vaccaro, for the benefits of his beloved children.

A reminder to all fans,  Let’s not support counterfeited products….because no matter what Mann says, most of the money will not go to Michael Jackson’s beneficiaries.  The probate judge has named a guardian ad litem to oversee the children’ interest in their father’s estate,  so we know someone is looking for the children’ financial interest when it comes to the estate.  What about Mann?

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer who has no ties, no contact, no connection to the Michael Jackson Estate…and DEFINITELY no connection to Howard Mann, Melissa Johnson and Henry Vaccaro.

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